Quebec/Eastern Canada High Field NMR Facility

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QANUC Grand Re-opening June 5, 2017
  The new 800 MHz instrument is in the process of being installed!!

To celebrate the "re-opening" of QANUC, we are holding a symposium on Friday July 21. The event will kick off with a lecture by Prof. Christian Griesinger, followed by talks by Kathy Borden, Nick Doucet, Pascale Legault and Tony Mittermaier. After lunch and lab tours there will be a workshop focusing on the use of NMRPipe for processing multi-dimensional datasets. The event is being held jointly with the Chemistry MR Facility, and there will be lectures on EPR in the afternoon in parallel with the data-processing workshop.

Please visit the symposium website for more information and to register (lunch will be supplied).

Looking forward to being back in business!

For additional information please contact:

Tel (514) 398 1721